Current Projects

Inktober 2019 Highlights 

Inktober is an annual, online challenge created by artist and influencer Jake Parker that takes place in October. Above are ten of my favorite prompts of mine from Inktober 2019. If you'd like to view all of my drawings for the month, you can do so here on my Instagram.

Study Abroad Promotional Project

This Study Abroad Promotional series is a personal project I created Fall 2019. It features several illustrations and painting encouraging students to step outside their culture and explore new, exciting places. It is inspired by my own time abroad and features paintings from locations I have visited and lived in across the globe.


Wander is my thesis senior film at Savannah College of Art and Design. I have been working on this film since Fall 2018 and it will be completed in Spring 2019. I am collaborating with a crew of 8 as a character designer, concept artist, and 3D animator. If you would like to view my current contribution to the film you can check out the "blog" section on my website!

Gwendolyn "Wynne" Gettelfinger's Wander Breakdown Animation Reel. This video includes all Wynne's personal shots from the film including breakdowns and reference videos collected while working on Wander

Le Jeune Peintre

Le Jeune Peintre is a current, personal project that I first began during the class Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation. The story is based in Southern France and is inspired by my time studying abroad in Lacoste, France during the Spring of 2018. (This project is currently ongoing.) If you would like to view Storyboards from this project please click here.

Frog Song

Frog Song is a personal story about a young frog who can't ribbit. Shunned by the other frogs when he attempts to join in their song, this story is about accepting others and learning to collaborate with those who might be different from you. This album features the concept art created for this short film pitch while at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Forged In Fire

Forged In Fire is a 2D/3D animated student short film. Created in Hong Kong during the 2017 Fall quarter by the 2D/3D Animation Production class at SCAD. It is about an old smith and his love for cooking.