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Gwendolyn "Wynne" Gettelfinger's 2020 Game Animation Demo Reel

Progress and Techniques

Wake Game Cycles

These cycles were a collection of my first projects for the SDGM Game Animation class at Savannah College of Art and Design. I had a lot of great experience learning about the differences and process of animating for games in this class. For these animations specifically, we learned about the importance of an idle animation. All other actions have to be able to smoothly transition between one another and ultimately, back to the idle. This allows the player to be able to quickly switch between actions and not be distracted by the animation. 

I also learned how to push my timing and appeal in an animation cycle. When playing a game, cycles have to be interesting enough that a player doesn't get bored with this movement that they will constantly see repeating on screen. Cycles should also be seamless in their repetition. Taking what I learned, I knew I wanted to use Wake and create a cocky animal-like character who would eventually sprint on all fours in his final cycle. 

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