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Gwendolyn "Wynne" Gettelfinger's 2020 Character Animation Demo Reel

Progress and Techniques

Wander Animation Breakdown

Wander is a thesis film created at Savannah College of Art and Design during the 2018-19 school year. I was one of the three animators on the crew and gained a lot of collaborative experience from working on this film. This reel contains breakdowns of my personal animations on Wander

When we began animation, we first worked on blocking out all of our shots over our winter break. I relied on creating my own reference while also using online reference for more of the creature heavy shots. Once all of our shots were blocked we worked on organizing a schedule to complete all of our shots within one of the ten week quarters. 

In short, I was finishing 1-3 shots a week depending on the length and complexity of the shot. One of the new experiences I enjoyed on this film was working with cloth sim artists while animating Nia.

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